Dana Brooke vs. Zoey Stark

Match starts off with a lock up then they jockey for position and Dana Brooke gets the first takedown. Brooke follows with a suplex for a one count. Brooke throws forearms in the corner but gets cut off with a knee. Zoey Stark misses a right hand and Brooke unloads with chops and forearms. Handstand into a knee drop to the ribs from Brooke.

Handspring elbow in the corner but then Brooke sets too early on a backdrop and gets pulled down by her hair. Stark gets the mount and throws down some forearms. Stark gets a slam but misses a kick which lets Brooke get a roll up for two. Brooke throws some blows in the corner but gets reversed into a whip to the corner.

Stark pounds away and then hooks a chinlock. Dana fights her way out and gets a running clothesline. Bulldog counter from Brooke but a cartwheel splash catches knees. Stark dumps Brooke with a release German suplex.

Stark misses a slingshot moonsault. Brooke comes off the top with a crossbody but Stark rolls with her and gets a two count. Superkick from Stark and she looks to finish with the Z 360 but Brooke is ready this time and counters with a roll up for the win.

Winner: Zoey Stark

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Dana Brooke vs. Nikki Cross

Match starts off with a lock up and they battle for position in the corner. Nikki Cross pie faces Dana Brooke and talks some trash. She charges, but Brooke moves and gets a knockdown. Another and Brooke starts dancing as Cross begs off in the corner. Brooke takes Cross to another corner and lays in the boots. Snapmare followed by a cartwheel into a boot for a two count.

Cross goes to the hair and throws Brooke into the middle buckle. Running crossbody gets two for Cross. Cross stands on the hair and pulls on Brooke’s arm then Brooke gets a sunset flip for two, but gets slammed down with a hand full of hair. That gets Cross two and she follows with a straitjacket submission.

Brooke rallies and gets a roll up for two. Brooke with a forearm followed by a back elbow. They end up hitting a clothesline on each other to leave both women down. Brooke up first and she runs wild with clothesline. She hits a splash in the corner and drives Cross face first into the mat. Brooke gets a two count but misses a charge in the corner. Cross rakes the eyes and hits her swinging neckbreaker for the win

Winner: Nikki Cross

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Grayson Waller interrupts Dana Brooke backstage and she has no idea who he is, but Shelton Benjamin does. He blames Waller for Truth getting hurt in NXT and for celebrating when Truth was being carried out. Waller tells Shelton if his boy wasn’t so fragile he wouldn’t be on crutches now and he tells Dana he will DM her.

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Dana Brooke vs. Doudrop

Now flying solo, Brooke maintained her sole character trait: She likes to flex her biceps, both during her entrance and after the bell rang. The women locked up and Doudrop shoved Brooke back into a corner. Doudrop looked pleased and slapped her own shoulders. Brooked tried to whip Doudrop in vain, then Doudrop returned the favor by actually whipping Brooke into another corner. She ran toward the corner after Brooke, who got a boot up to block her. Brooke hit Doudrop with two shoulder blocks, but Doudrop wouldn’t budge. Brooke then took Doudrop down with a ludicrous spinning head scissors.

Doudrop came right back and knocked down Brooke, then hit a running senton. Doudrop covered, but Brooked kicked out at two. Kevin was shocked that Brooke was “able to escape that predicament.” Brooke chopped the back of Doudrop’s knee, then landed two kicks. Brooke set up for a suplex, but Doudrop blocked the move and shoved Brooke into a corner. Doudrop, again turning the tables, suplexed Brooke and covered for another two.

Doudrop nodded and waggled her fingers, then got to her feet only to be rolled up by Brooke for a two-count. Brooke landed three forearm shots, then Doudrop leveled Brooke with a single shot. Doudrop splashed Brooke in the corner, then missed a running cannonball. Brooke launched a handspring reverse elbow in the same corner. After the blow, Doudrop shoved Brooke to the mat. Brooke redid the handspring spot for some reason. Brooke took Doudrop down with a bulldog, then hit a flipping neckbreaker. She covered Doudrop for two.

Brooke landed a few shots to Doudrop’s face, then climbed to the top rope. She jumped into a somersault senton, but Doudrop had enough time to roll out of the way. Doudrop sprang into action and splashed Brooke on the mat, then covered for the three-count.

Winner: Doudrop

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Dana Brooke (w/ Mandy Rose) vs. Peyton Royce

The women locked up and Royce took control with a side headlock takedown. Brooke reversed the maneuver and took Royce down the same way. They exchanged several pin attempts before Royce stunned Brooke with a kick to the midsection. Royce worked on Brooke’s left arm on the mat. Royce fired Brooke’s face into the top turnbuckle, then kicked her in the face. Royce jumped from the middle turnbuckle to stomp Brooke’s arm, then applied an arm bar.

Brooke got to her feet but Royce tossed her into the corner. Royce landed a forearm shot, but missed a spin kick. Brooke then took advantage and landed two forearms of her own, before leveling Royce twice with shoulder blocks. From there, Brooke splashed Royce in the middle of the ring and covered for two.

Royce caught a boot to the chin in the corner, then Brooke suplexed Royce into the middle. Royce awkwardly dodged a running attack by Brooke, almost as if she knew it was coming before it began. Brooke took Royce down with a bulldog, then delivered a spinning neck breaker. She covered Royce for the three-count.

Winner: Dana Brooke

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