WWE NXT Women’s Championship Match: “The Prodigy” Roxanne Perez (c) vs. TNA Knockouts World Champion “The Juggernaut” Jordynne Grace

The match starts off with Grace sending Perez crashing into the mat. Perez then steps on Grace’s foot and hits her with a strike before Perez looks to hit a boot on Grace. Grace then intercepts it and Perez slaps her to escape. Grace then hits a couple of shoulder tackles on Perez and a sliced bread, then kips up and looks to hit a powerbomb. Perez then escapes and hits a Hip Attack on Grace in the corner, but Grace climbs to the middle rope. Perez then tries to pull her down, but Grace hangs on. Perez then manages to pull Grace down and delivers a few right hands on her, then hits a knee on her arm and wears her other arm down with a submission. Perez then wrenches back on it and hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Grace. Perez then stomps on Grace’s wrist, but Grace hits a kick to Perez. Perez then looks to hit a couple of double knees on Grace’s arm, then hits a chop block on her knee and a dropkick on her shoulder.

Perez then slaps Grace and locks in an Octopus, but Grace powers up to her feet. Perez then looks to roll up Grace, but Grace blocks her. Perez then looks to hit a crossbody off the ropes, but Grace catches her and hits her with a slam. Grace then looks to hit a Vader Bomb, but Perez moves out of the way. Both women then teeter on the middle rope before Grace gets Perez up on her shoulders. Perez then counters into a slam and both she and Grace are sent crashing into the mat. Grace then slaps Perez, but Perez hits a right hand on Grace’s spine. Grace then sends Perez crashing into the mat, but Perez delivers some elbows on Grace. Grace then hits Perez with a clothesline, then follows it up a spinning back fist and a spinebuster. Grace then looks to hit a Muscle Buster, but Perez sends Grace crashing into the mat with a DDT and follows it up with a hurricanrana. Grace then delivers some stomps on Perez, but Perez locks in an arm submission on Grace. Grace then powers up to her feet and Perez climbs to the top. Grace then gets her up on her shoulders and hits her with a Muscle Buster.

Perez then sends Grace crashing into the ring apron face first and hits her with a tope suicida on the outside. Perez then gets Grace back in the ring and takes her down, then locks in a crossface. Perez then hits a back elbow on Grace, then sets up for the Pop Rox. Grace then blocks her and hits her with a Gory Bomb as Tatum Paxley appears at ringside and takes note of Perez’s TNA Knockout’s Championship. Paxley then grabs it, but Ash By Elegance appears on the ramp and grabs it. Ash and Paxley then argue over the title, but Grace blasts both Paxley and Ash with her Knockouts Championship on the outside. Grace then gets back in the ring and hits a Death Valley Driver on Perez, but Perez responds with Pop Rox

Winner: Roxanne Perez

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