Cora Jade vs. Dana Brooke

Cora initiates the confrontation by pushing Dana, but Dana quickly retaliates by backing Cora into the corner and delivering shoulder strikes. Cora attempts to escape by slapping Dana and running away, but Dana stops her from leaving the ring and lands punches while slamming Cora’s head into the mat. Dana follows up with a hip toss, a cartwheel, and a back heel kick, nearly securing a pinfall. She then executes a snap mare and an elbow drop, coming close to another near fall. Cora fights back with forearm strikes and slams Dana’s face into the mat. She sends Dana into the turnbuckles and delivers kicks, targeting Dana’s ribs before slamming her head into the mat. Cora continues with kicks in the corner, but Dana evades when Cora goes for a springboard kick. Dana counters with a handstand head scissors, followed by a kick that sends Cora to the floor.

Dana avoids Cora’s attack from the apron, but Cora capitalizes with a running knee as Dana reenters the ring, causing Dana’s leg to get caught in the ropes. Cora secures a near fall and begins focusing her offense on Dana’s injured leg. Despite the injury, Dana manages to deliver shoulder tackles, but her knee gives out when attempting a roundoff splash into the corner.

The referee checks on Dana, and medical staff enters the ring to assess her condition. They bring a knee brace, and Dana says something to Cora. A stretcher is brought to the ring, but Dana resists being taken out and refuses to leave the ring. Cora appears pleased with Dana being stretchered, and an air splint is applied to Dana’s leg.

The medical staff continues to attend to Dana, bringing a knee brace to the ring. Dana exchanges words with Cora, and a stretcher is brought in, indicating the seriousness of Dana’s condition. However, Dana refuses to be taken out of the ring and shows resistance to being stretchered. Cora appears satisfied with Dana being stretchered, while an air splint is applied to Dana’s injured leg. Additional officials arrive to keep Cora away from Dana as she is being transported backstage. However, Dana unexpectedly slaps Cora and gets off the stretcher, displaying her determination to continue the match.

Dana retaliates with forearm strikes and sends Cora face-first into the apron. She attempts a rollup for a near fall and goes for a slam, but Cora manages to escape and clips Dana’s leg. Cora slams Dana’s leg into the mat and Dana responds with a kick that sends Cora into the turnbuckles. Dana follows up with a clothesline and attempts a flapjack for another near fall. However, Cora counters with a kick to Dana’s knee when she tries to execute a suplex. Cora then sends Dana into the turnbuckles, but Dana manages to counter with an elbow strike. Dana misses a Vader Bomb, giving Cora an opportunity to slam Dana’s leg into the mat and apply a single leg crab. Cora pulls Dana towards the center of the ring, and the referee ultimately stops the match.

Winner: Cora Jade

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