Ash By Elegance vs. Savannah Thorne

This was Ash’s TNA in-ring debut. Her assistant did her ring announcing and made her opponent get out of the ring for her entrance. She posed on her way to the ring and her assistant helped her up the stairs.

Ash was aggressive when the bell rang. Ash choked Thorne over the middle rope. Ash took Thorne to the mat and punched her several times. Ash gave Thorne a free shot, but decked her and followed with an elbow and Rarified Air for the pin.

Winner: Ash By Elegance

-The System was shown on their way to the ring. [c]

-Rehwoldt and Hannifan appeared on camera and plugged TNA+. They were interrupted by Ash’s assistant, who informed everyone that Ash By Elegance has left the building. Rehwoldt clapped along.

We see a vignette of Ash by Elegance. She’s in a bikini and the voice-over says she is irresistible and undeniable

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We see a vignette for Ash by Elegance. A voiceover says she is irresistible and undeniable.

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A mysterious woman arrives at the venue

Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Dana Brooke, now known as Ash by Elegance, is shown at ringside for the next title match.

Trinity and Jordynne start with a handshake and then a lockup. Grace flexes and Trinity twerks a little. Test of strength lockup in the center. Trinity ducks a clothesline and does a back kick. Grace drops Trin back first on the mat before doing chops in the corner. Grace with a powerslam, kickout. Trinity avoids the Juggernaut Driver by rushing to the ropes. Trinity leaps off the top with a crossbody followed by a spiking facebuster. Grace regains her footing and flies through the ropes to tackle Trin before hitting the Jackhammer on the floor.

Ash is shown on camera clapping. We cut back to the ring where Trinity kicks Grace in the chest. They trade slaps until Trin drives Grace into the turnbuckle and lands the split legged moonsault, cover. Grace catches Trinity out of the corner with a musclebuster, nearfall. Trinity powers out of a cover and traps Grace in Starstruck. Grace covers but Trinity pops up with the Rearview for another nearfall. On the apron, Trinity spikes Grace and covers. Back inside, they trade blows again before Grace does a spinning shot.

Trinity powers Grace up with a sitout powerbomb and turns it into Starstruck. Grace stands up with Starstruck applied and Trinity uses the ropes for leverage. Grace pivots it into a German. Spinning backfist from Grace followed by Juggernaut Driver for the three.

Winner & NEW TNA Women’s Champion: Jordynne Grace

We see Ash by Elegance clapping again at ringside. Jordynne hugs Trinity.

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Lyria Valkyria vs. Dana Brooke w/Kelani Jordan 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Brooke talks smack to Valkyria. Standing Switch Exchange. Brooke with a back elbow smash. Brooke sends Valkyria to the corner. Valkyria dives over Brooke. Brooke drops down on the canvas. Brooke ducks a clothesline from Valkyria. Brooke goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takeover, but Valkyria lands back on her feet. Valkyria with a Running Enzuigiri. Brooke regroups on the outside. Valkyria dropkicks Brooke through the ropes. Valkyria rolls Brooke back into the ring. Brooke yanks Valkyria off the top turnbuckle. Brooke hooks the outside leg for a one count.

Brooke sends Valkyria to the corner. Brooke with a running clothesline for a two count. Brooke applies the cravate. Valkyria backs Brooke into the turnbuckles. Valkyria delivers her combination offense. Valkyria with two clotheslines. Valkyria bodyslams Brooke. Valkyria with a Spinning Back Kick. Valkyria headbutts the midsection of Brooke. Valkyria with The Scissors Kick. Brooke blocks The Northern Lights Suplex. Brooke hammers down on the back of Valkyria’s neck. Valkyria avoids The Handspring Back Elbow. Valkyria with The Spinning Heel Kick. Valkyria connects with The Flying Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Lyra Valkyria

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Back from the break and we get a video of Dana Brooke and Kelani Jordan. Jordan is mad at herself for losing to Cora Jade last week. Brooke says Jordan is just getting started, so it’s OK. Brooke suggests they do something only they can do. They start training gymnastics now. Brooke says Jordan is about to break out, so Jade wishes she could do what they do, and that’s why she carries the kendo stick everywhere. We cut to Jade watching backstage. She says… gymnasts, really? Jade says Brooke will lose next week. She hits the wall with her kendo stick to end the segment.

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Cora Jade vs. Kelani Jordan (with Dana Brooke)

They lock up and Jade with a waist lock take down. Jordan with a hammer lock. Cora with a side head lock and take down. Jordan with a rolling arm drag and a Tiger Feint arm drag. Jordan with a drop kick but Jade blocks a second one and she catapults Jordan into the bottom rope. Jade with a kick. Jade with a springboard double stomp to the back for a near fall. Cora chokes Jordan in the ropes and connects with an elbow to the back for a near fall. Cora kicks Jordan. Cora sends Jordan to the apron and hangs her in the ropes and connects with a chop followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Jade with a chin bar and arm bar combination. Cora with a kick to the midsection.

Jade misses a back elbow and Jordan with a rollup for a near fall. Jordan with forearms. Jordan with a flying forearm or two. Jordan with a cartwheel back elbow. Jordan with a kick to the midsection and she tries for a Playmaker but Jade escapes. Jade kicks Jordan as she goes for a springboard move. Cora with a DDT for the three count.

Winner: Cora Jade

Jordan avoids the kendo stick and so does Dana. Dana with a drop kick and clotheslines. Dana gets the kendo stick and cora gets to the floor.

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